The Best Hookah Coals – Coco Nara Coconut Charcoal

The Best Hookah Coals – Coco Nara Coconut CharcoalWhen it comes to the best hookah coals available today, there is only one option. Coco Nara Coconut Charcoals are the most popular hookah coals on the market, and with good reason. These are all natural coals that don’t contain any quick lighting chemicals. Coco Nara coals are made from 100% recycled coconut husks and burn clean,... Read More »

Miraculum Quicklight Charcoal 33mm

Miraculum Quicklight Charcoal 33mmMiraculum has come up with one of the best quicklighting charcoals out there. The Miraculum Quicklight Charcoal 33mm has been getting some really good reviews as people are loving what this hookah charcoal provides. Miraculums formula allows for the charcoal to light faster, maintaining a more even and consistent burn throughout and it does not with the flavor... Read More »