The Pumpkin 10″ Single Hose Hookah

The Pumpkin 10″ Single Hose HookahThe Pumpkin is a great little hookah popular for those people who are looking for a cheap hookah. But this hookah is only cheap in price, it’s a well crafted and high quality hookah. This 10″ pipe is convertible to a 2 hose hookah by utilizing the stem adapters which contain the auto seal system.... Read More »

The Harmony Glass Hookah

The Harmony Glass HookahThe Harmony is made by Vapor Glass, known for their high quality glass craftsmanship. This hookah offers improved performance as well as functionality, all while maintaining an enjoyable and contemporary smoking experience. This 18″ 2 hose glass hookah is made from hand blown, laboratory grade glass and specially formulated food / pharmaceutical grade taste free hosing. This... Read More »

The 40″ Khalil Mamoon All Night Chiller Hookah

The 40″ Khalil Mamoon All Night Chiller HookahThe 40″ Khalil Mamoon All Night Chiller Hookah is a beautifully crafted hookah. Because it’s made by Khalil Mamoon you know you are getting a quality pipe that will give you an excellent smoking experience. This 40″ pipe features an ice chamber that fits around 20 cubes, cooling down the smoke for a smooth experience.... Read More »

The 28” eNargy Club E-Hookah With Double Hose

The 28” eNargy Club E-Hookah With Double Hose  The eNargy Club E-Hookah has two hoses which can each contain a different flavor. This hookah also comes with 2 E-Nargy 10ml E-Liquid Non Nicotine juice. There are quite a few different flavors to choose from. The accessories included are: two electronic hoses, two atomizers, two replacement rechargeable batteries and a charger. I recommend this store to... Read More »

Starbuzz E hose Cartridges

Starbuzz E hose CartridgesThe Starbuzz E hose has only been around a little while but it’s starting to really stand out as a great electronic hookah and an excellent alternative to to traditional hookah pipes. And one of the things that makes it so great are the selection of Starbuzz E hose cartridges available for it. Starbuzz has... Read More »

The Zahrah 2 Hose Glass Hookah

The Zahrah 2 Hose Glass HookahThe Zahrah 2 Hose Glass Hookah is a great choice for anyone looking for the smoking experience of a glass hookah that can be enjoyed by 2. Each Zahrah pipe is hand crafted with around 10 hours of labor going into the process. This is truly an excellent quality hookah. The glass is roughly 5-7mm thick... Read More »

The Zahrah Vulcan Glass Hookah

The Zahrah Vulcan Glass HookahThe Zahrah Vulcan Glass Hookah is an amazing piece of craftsmanship. Each Zahrah pipe takes around 10 hours of labor to make as they are hand crafted to order. This is a stunning glass hookah! The thickness of the Vulcan is between 5-7mm, so it’s not a dainty pipe. But of course it’s still fragile... Read More »

The Zahrah Trophy Glass Hookah

The Zahrah Trophy Glass HookahThe Zahrah Trophy Glass Hookah is truly a top quality pipe. There is around 10 hours of labour going into each pipe, so you know you’re getting something that’s of great quality. The thickness of this glass hookah is between 5-7mm so it’s not a dainty or fragile pipe. But of course you do want... Read More »

The Zahrah Green Eye 25″ Glass Hookah

The Zahrah Green Eye 25″ Glass HookahThe Zahrah Green Eye glass hookah is a unique and elegant pipe. Each one has about 10 hours of labour put into it so you know this is a quality product. At 25″ tall, this glass hookah is quite the eye catcher (no pun intended). The glass is roughly 5-7mm thick so it’s not a... Read More »

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