Vaporizer Pen

Blow 2GO Hookah Pen

Blow 2GO Hookah PenThe Blow 2GO Hookah Pen is an excellent choice for someone that’s looking for a great e-hookah that’s compatible with e-juice. This is a unique pen with some cool features. It features a telescoping tube allowing you to use up to 3 sizes of batteries. This gives you the option to change the look and feel of... Read More »

NV Fire Vaporizer Pen

NV Fire Vaporizer PenIf you’re looking for a vaporizer pen for dry herb, then this is a great choice for you. The sleek and discreet design makes for an ideal fit. The Fire is available in black only with Green light up LED’s. An NV Fire Tank comes standard with this vaporizer. It also includes a soft mouthpiece... Read More »

eGO ce4 Atomizer E-Hookah Kit + free E juice

eGO ce4 Atomizer E-Hookah Kit + free E juiceThis is another screaming deal for an e-hookah. The eGO ce4 Atomizer Hookah Pen Kit is a deal you almost can’t afford not to take. The kit also comes with a free Fantasia 15ml Non Nicotine E-Liquid, and there’s a fairly good selection of flavors there.     The kit includes: 1 battery 1 atomizer 1usb charge... Read More »

Ploom Pax Vaporizer Pen

Ploom Pax Vaporizer PenThe Ploom Pax is the premium loose leaf vaporizer pen. This vape doesn’t burn your tobacco releasing a delicious, satisfying vapor. It’s the world’s most pocketable, premium loose-leaf vaporizer. The Pax comes in several different colors: purple, blue, black and green. Included with the Ploom Pax is: 1 Pax Unit with 1 Screen 1 Mouthpiece and 1... Read More »

Innokin Cool Fire 2 Vaporizer Pen Starter Kit

Innokin Cool Fire 2 Vaporizer Pen Starter KitThe Innokin Cool Fire 2 is a cool little vaporizer pen shaped like a grenade. It’s available in black and green and has quite a few awesome features. Some of the features include with this electronic vape are reserve battery protection circuit, scale display wattage, overtime vaping warning, and variable wattage up to 12.5W. Here’s a complete list of the... Read More »

Innokin Cool Fire 1 Vaporizer Pen Starter Kit

Innokin Cool Fire 1 Vaporizer Pen Starter KitThe Innokin Cool Fire 1 is a sleek and stylish vaporizer pen made of stainless steel. It’s sleek design allows it to fit comfortably in your hand. This high end vaporizer has a power rating up to 8.5W, features short circuit protection and fits a iClear dual coil clearomizers. The features for the Innokin Cool Fire 1... Read More »

Fumi VI Portable Vaporizer Pen

Fumi VI Portable Vaporizer PenThe Fumi VI Portable Vaporizer Pen is a sleek and stylish vaporizer. It’s portable so you can take it with you discretely and enjoy an excellent smoking experience whenever and wherever you like. This vaporizer allows you to digitally adjust the voltage from 3.0v-6.0v. It’s also compatible with E-Liquids and Oils. It’s features include: -LCD/Variable Voltage 3.0v-6.0v... Read More »

Fumi Tech Portable Vaporizer Pen

Fumi Tech Portable Vaporizer PenThe Fumi Tech Portable Vaporizer Pen is a high quality, sleek and stylish vaporizer. Take it with you anywhere to enjoy a great smoking experience whenever you like. The Fumi Tech features a digital temperature adjuster so you can adjust the temperature from between 3.0v-6.0v. It has a multi universal USB charger that fits the Fumi Tech... Read More »