Fumi Tech Portable Vaporizer Pen

Fumi Tech Portable Vaporizer Pen

The Fumi Tech Portable Vaporizer Pen is a high quality, sleek and stylish vaporizer. Take it with you anywhere to enjoy a great smoking experience whenever you like.

The Fumi Tech features a digital temperature adjuster so you can adjust the temperature from between 3.0v-6.0v. It has a multi universal USB charger that fits the Fumi Tech as well as most smart phones on the market. It also has a built in flash light which is a cool little feature. This vaporizer pen works with both oils, and E-Liquids.

The features included are:

-Variable Voltage
-Digitally adjust temperatures
from 3.0v-6.0v
-Multi Universal USB Charger
-Built in flash light
-Compatible with E-liquids and Oils

This vaporizer pen includes:

-USB Charger
-Multi USB Charger
-FumiNova Atomizer
-FumiTech Battery

The Fumi Tech Portable Vaporizer Pen comes in 3 colors: black, white and silver. I recommend this store to buy the Fumi Tech Portable Vaporizer Pen, it’s an authorized dealer and they ship your order 1-2 days upon receiving it.

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Brand Name
Fumi Tech
Product Name
Portable Vaporizer Pen
USD $54.99
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