Great Tasting Grape Hookah Pen

Great Tasting Grape Hookah Pen

NEwhere are a great way to enjoy a nicotine free smoking experience. This amazing tasting grape hookah pen gives you a full, rich flavor for you to enjoy anywhere. If you like grape jolly ranchers you will no doubt love this. It’s small and discreet so you can bust it out wherever you want, whenever you want. It is absolutely the sweetest of all nicotine free smoking.

This is a sleek and stylish hookah pen that isn’t offensive looking and that you can easily keep on you comfortably. They’re disposable so there’s no need to be running around with a charger, which makes for even less hassle. It’s a real bangin deal at only $9.99 per pen. Or, if you wanna stock up on them it’s an even better idea because there are some excellent savings to be had. You can buy 6 for $8.50 each (that’s a savings of 15%) or you can grab 12 for $7.60 each (that’s a savings of 24%).

No matter how you cut it this is a great deal! And again, they’re tobacco and nicotine free! So check out NEwhere ZERO Nicotine Disposable E-Hooka pens, let each of your senses enjoy the sweet and distinctive tobacco free experience! I recommend this store to buy NEwhere Zero Nicotine E-Hookah-Pens, you won’t find them cheaper anywhere and hey offer free shipping.


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ZERO Nicotine Disposable E-Hooka pens
USD $9.99
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