The Zahrah Green Eye 25″ Glass Hookah

The Zahrah Green Eye 25″ Glass HookahThe Zahrah Green Eye glass hookah is a unique and elegant pipe. Each one has about 10 hours of labour put into it so you know this is a quality product. At 25″ tall, this glass hookah is quite the eye catcher (no pun intended). The glass is roughly 5-7mm thick so it’s not a... Read More »

The White Maverick 14″ Glass Hookah

The White Maverick 14″ Glass HookahThe White Maverick Glass Hookah is a beautifully crafted pipe made from white glass. An excellent option for someone looking for a smaller glass hookah. The White Maverick stands 14″, so it’s not overly big. It comes with a nice travelling case which makes this a good pipe to take with you to a friends.... Read More »

The Zahrah Empire Glass Hookah

The Zahrah Empire Glass HookahThe Zahrah Empire Glass Hookah is all about quality craftsmanship. There’s roughly 10 hours of labour that goes into each one, so you know that it’s a high quality pipe. Made in the US, each glass hookah is hand crafted. The hookah itself has a thickness of around 5-7mm so they’re not ridiculously fragile. It... Read More »

BLOW EZ Hookah Pen

BLOW EZ Hookah PenIf your preference is E-juice, then the BLOW EZ Hookah Pen may be the right choice for you. this is an inexpensive pen that doesn’t sacrifice quality for a lower price. This pen comes standard with a T2 tank. This is the perfect hookah pen for the person that’s new to the vape scene. It comes... Read More »

Blow 2GO Hookah Pen

Blow 2GO Hookah PenThe Blow 2GO Hookah Pen is an excellent choice for someone that’s looking for a great e-hookah that’s compatible with e-juice. This is a unique pen with some cool features. It features a telescoping tube allowing you to use up to 3 sizes of batteries. This gives you the option to change the look and feel of... Read More »

NV Fire Vaporizer Pen

NV Fire Vaporizer PenIf you’re looking for a vaporizer pen for dry herb, then this is a great choice for you. The sleek and discreet design makes for an ideal fit. The Fire is available in black only with Green light up LED’s. An NV Fire Tank comes standard with this vaporizer. It also includes a soft mouthpiece... Read More »

eGO ce4 Atomizer E-Hookah Kit + free E juice

eGO ce4 Atomizer E-Hookah Kit + free E juiceThis is another screaming deal for an e-hookah. The eGO ce4 Atomizer Hookah Pen Kit is a deal you almost can’t afford not to take. The kit also comes with a free Fantasia 15ml Non Nicotine E-Liquid, and there’s a fairly good selection of flavors there.     The kit includes: 1 battery 1 atomizer 1usb charge... Read More »

eGO Hookah Pen Protank Kit + Free E juice

eGO Hookah Pen Protank Kit + Free E juiceIf you are looking for a killer deal on an E hookah, look no further. The eGO Hookah Pen Protank Kit is about a good a deal as you’ll find. The kit also includes a free 30ml container of Mercure non nicotine e juice, and there’s a pretty good selection of flavors to choose from.   The... Read More »

eGO Hookah Pen Kit + Free E juice

eGO Hookah Pen Kit + Free E juiceThis is an insane  deal! The eGO Hookah Pen kit is the way to go if you’re looking for an inexpensive pocket hookah. Along with the kit comes a free 30ml container of Mercure Non Nicotine e-juice, and there’s a decent list of flavors to choose from.     The kit includes: Mouthpiece 2pcs Battery 2pcs USB... Read More »

The Mikro Mya Saray 8″ Hookah

The Mikro Mya Saray 8″ HookahThe Mikro Mya Saray is an awesome and inexpensive little hookah. It’s made by Mya, who are very well know for making high quality hookah pipes. It’s a cheap hookah, but only in price. This little 8″ hookah features an elegant glass vase. It can be converted into a 2 hose hookah simply by utilizing stem... Read More »