Listing the Most Popular Shisha Flavors

Listing the Most Popular Shisha Flavors

I’ve spent some time compiling a list of some of the most popular and best selling shisha flavors from some of the most popular brands. What I wanted to achieve with this list isn’t so much a list of my favorites, although a lot of these shishas I really enjoy. But more of a list of what is currently really selling well. I’ve spent some time researching and seeing what sells on some of the top hookah sites out there and tried to draw a common thread right across the board. It gives you guys a look into what people are really enjoying right now and maybe there are some flavors on here you haven’t tried yet. So without further adieu:


Al Fakher  


Al Fakher Shisha

Al Fakher Shisha


Mint – This one is a true classic. Everyone does mint, but not quite as good as this. It’s powerful but not overbearing. It’s clean and as close to natural mint flavor as you’re gonna find. This is a universally agreed upon mixer mint shisha that you can throw in with tons of other different flavors to really cool them down.

Grape – Like a big glass of Welch white grape juice. Sweet and tangy, it gives you that weird feeling in the back of your mouth and cheeks. Really basic but not basic, if you like grape flavor, you’ll like this.

Two Apples – This is as popular of a shisha as you’re going to find. Found in cafes from one corner of the globe to the other, Two Apples is a classic. Subtle apple, cinnamon and licorice flavors balance this out nicely. This saves you the time of taking cinnamon dipped licorice and using it as a straw to drink your apple juice.

Watermelon – What more can you say? From the moment you open it up, it’s all about watermelon. It’s like smoking a watermelon Jolly Rancher. It’s one of Al Fakhers most popular shisha flavors for a reason.

Peach – Everyone loves a good peach. That’s what you have with this flavor, except you don’t have to eat around the pit. A sweet and slightly tangy taste, it’s bold but doesn’t overwhelm you on the sweetness factor. One of the more natural flavors by these guys.

Vanilla – Another awesome mixer, a little vanilla is always a good compliment. Vanilla is such a great flavor, it’s unique and subtle and definitely triggers different things with everyone because everyone has had something with vanilla flavoring. Unless you hate vanilla, and I don’t know anyone who does, this is a great shisha for your stash.

Al Fakher Special Edition 


Al Fakher Special Edition Shisha

Al Fakher Special Edition Shisha

Hookah Matata – The classic apple flavor, but with a really weird twist. You get that great apple taste and it’s followed up with a unique woody, pine like finish. It’s something you definitely have to experience and it’s becoming increasingly popular ever since this line was introduced in 2014.

Citrus Spirit – A total citrus explosion. They’ve jam packed a blend of lemon, lime, orange and tangerine into one shisha to give you the ultimate citrus experience. A unique flavor blend that’s well worth the try and popular for a reason. If you like sweet you’ll like this.

Kiwi Garden – Not a lot of companies have gone after the kiwi flavor, but it’s been pulled off nicely here. Pretty self explanatory, a nice taste of kiwis with a subtle note of freshly cut grass. A lovely smoking experience.

Rich Creme – Like slathering graham crackers with vanilla icing and sparkling a little cinnamon on top for good measure. This is an extremely refined and unique flavor that’s exclusive to the Al Fakher Special Edition shisha brand.

Banana Montana – Unlike the similar namesake, this flavor is anything but detestable. If you’ve ever thought of combining banana, coconut, graham crackers, honey and cinnamon then this is the right shisha for you. If you’ve never thought of combining all those flavors, and I’m sure almost everyone hasn’t, then you may wanna give this a shot.

Seven Wings – Grape Kool-Aid, grape Jell-O, grape Life Savers and grape Crush are all right in the ball park with this shisha. It’s that awesome grape flavor people love with a nice little cooling mint finish. It’s light and sweet and it’ll earn a special spot in any purple lovers heart.



Fantasia Shisha

Fantasia Shisha


– Rainbow Burst – Reminiscent of some of the great fruit flavored cereals from days gone by. If you’re into Trix or Fruity Pebbles you may wind up loving this shisha. Orange, lemon and cherry are some of the tastes you’ll get from this. It’s a fruity blast that assaults your tastebuds in the best possible way.

Adios Mofo – Named after the drink, which is actually just a renamed electric blue long island iced tea. A citrusy, blue raspberry and pineapple flavor that won’t leave you with a horrible headache and equally horrible regrets the next morning. Heck, you’ll even remember everything you did after you smoked it. This is by far Fantasias best selling shisha, a great mix of tart and sweet.

Cactus Breeze – Another drink namesake, this is a beautiful blend of sweet and sour. The drink is a mix of cranberry, pineapple and sour mix, but it’s hard to distinctively nail any of those flavors down. Regardless, this is a great tasting shisha.

4 Play – Any idea what the flavor might be with a name like that? Well it’s watermelon, obviously. A common flavor that most companies do but Fantasia has done a really good job with this one. Probably the closest thing you’ll find to watermelon candy out there. Numbers don’t lie, and the popularity of this speaks volumes for the quality of the flavor.

Black Mamba – These guys are doing a great job of throwing out some really original shisha flavors. Tastes of pear, guava, pineapple and nectarine saturate your mouth. It’s like taking a deep breathe in a tropical jungle without worrying about the poisonous snakes. A beautifully sweet taste makes it easy to see why people have been all over this one.

Cuban Mojito – Sticking with the drink themes on this one. It’s a great blend of sweet and tart with the lime flavor and adds the minty coolness that people find so refreshing with the drink. It’s strong and bold, making it fairly distinctive. A very well balanced shisha.



Fumari Shisha

Fumari Shisha

White Gummi Bear – I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone who doesn’t like gummy bears. That must be why this is one of Fumaris most popular flavors. A tangy, pineapple flavored smoke with a hint of citrus. This one is a real crowd pleaser.

Ambrosia – Named after the ambrosia salad, this complex shisha has tastes of marshmallow, melon, pineapple and oranges. A mouth-watering taste for anybody with a sweet tooth.

Spiced Chai – Here’s one for when you’re craving a hot chai latte or tea. A beautiful blend of vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg and cardamom. And in case you’re wondering, cardamom is a spice made from the seeds of several plants and it’s very fragrant with notes of green spice and pepper.

Mint Chocolate Chill – Mint chocolate chip ice cream, in smoke form. So many kids love the ice cream, I guess that’s why so many adults love this flavor.

Blueberry Muffin – Fresh out of the oven and right into your bowl. This is a must try if you haven’t, and will probably make it into your favorite list once you do. True to it’s name, it taste just like fresh blueberry muffins.

Prickly Pear – Derived from the cactus pear, or prickly pear. There’s nothing prickly about the taste though. It has a sweet, candied flavour with a bit of a melon finish.



Haze Shisha

Haze Shisha

Cheech and Chong Double Bubble – Named after a famous scene from Up in Smoke, this one will grab you by the boo boo. A great bubble gum flavour with a hint of mint and cinnamon. This has a fairly complex flavor that will leave you jonesing for more.

Majestic Bru – Named after Scotlands other national drink, Irn-Bru. This has an orange flavor with a unique floral twist. This one is a lot like a creamsicle and then hits you with a rose like taste that makes for a really nice and interesting balance.

What-A-Mint – Another mint flavored shisha, but this one seems to be carving out a nice little niche for itself. A cooling peppermint inhale followed by a very nice creamy exhale. It’s an awesome balance of creamy vanilla sweet and pepperminty cool.

Cucumberita – As the name suggest, this has a cucumber margarita flavor. The sour lime taste compliments the subtly sweet taste of cucumber. I must say I’ve never tried a cucumber margarita before, but I may just start experimenting with them.

Frozen Lakes – A very interesting mix of watermelon, raspberry and mint. Lots of people I’m sure have tried a minty cool watermelon flavor before, but the raspberry is a curveball and it winds up working out quite nicely. The sweetness of the watermelon and raspberry is cut really well with the mint giving you a very pleasant smoking experience.

OMG – Haze packed as much berry goodness as you could possibly imagine into this one. Strawberry, blueberry and raspberry are a few of the tastes that hit you. For all the berry flavor though it’s not overly sweet, which is a nice surprise considering once you open it your nostrils are slammed with berry aroma. A nice change up from other sweet berry shishas out there.

Social Smoke  


Social Smoke Shisha

Social Smoke Shisha

Absolute Zero – Definitely not like other minty flavors out there. This one is more like true mint, it’s super intense and very bold. It’s about as cool of a mint shisha as you’re going to find, hence the name. This is not necessarily the best mixer because of that, but it’s intensity will leave you wanting to just smoke this one on it’s own.

Mango Habanero – We go from cold to hot. Like the name suggests, it’s mango goodness spiced up with a habanero spice kick. The mango flavor is nice and sweet, and the habanero spice isn’t too crazy but it’s definitely noticeable. This shisha will warm you up on a cold day.

Voltage – A kick of citrus. A lemony-watermelon flavor that rounds off with a slight hint of almond. A fairly unique taste that is making it one of Social smokes most popular shishas. Fans of citrus will really enjoy this one.

Mobster – The energy drink craze wound up infiltrating the shisha market. Probably best described as tasting like Monster energy drinks, this gives you a nice fruity and tart taste. Thoughts of pineapple will come to mind with an interesting herbal-floral finish. A must try for energy drink fans.

Cantaloupe Chill – Sweet and cool is always a good mix. The great taste of cantaloupe rounded off with cooling mint. It’s not very often you come across cantaloupe flavors but Social Smoke has done a great job with this one.

Arabian Nights – Some amazing flavors packed into one shisha, it’s no wonder this is so popular. A beautiful coffee taste with notes of toffee and mild cardamom and a hint of chocolate and almonds. This is amazingly rich and a truly enjoyable smoke.



Starbuzz Shisha

Starbuzz Shisha

Blue Mist – Their staple flavor, this is considered to be one of the most popular shisha flavors out there. A light, sweet taste of blueberries that has a minty, tingly and soothing finish. Universally loved for a reason.

Code 69 – Another one of the most popular Starbuzz flavors, it’s sure to please as the name suggests. It tastes like fruit punch with a bit of tartness to it. Some people taste cherry Lifesavers or Kool-Aid. Either way, it’s sure to get your mouth watering.

Pirate’s Cave – Strange name but a classic flavor pairing. It’s a mix of lemon and lime, almost reminiscent of Mountain Dew. You get a nice aroma hitting your nose immediately when you open it up, and sweet and not too tangy taste that will fill your mouth. Not totally sure but my guess is that the name comes from the fact that pirates would eat limes when they were out at sea to prevent scurvy.

Melon Blue – The obsession with blue continues for Starbuzz and clearly it’s working for them. This is a mix of two of their popular shisha flavors, Blue Mist and Safari Melon Dew. It works wonders giving you a little more of the melon flavor than the blueberry. They definitely saved you the time of finding a good combination with this concoction.

Sex on the Beach – The 80s is responsible for the cocktail of the same name. Starbuzz is responsible for making that cocktail into one of their most popular flavors. A sweet mix of peach and orange, this one may have you asking your local bartender to dust off his recipe book.

Safari Melon Dew – There’s a reason this was mixed with another one of their popular flavors to make another popular flavor. This is a sweet, smooth and bold smoke that will leave you totally satisfied.

Starbuzz Bold 


Starbuzz Bold Shisha

Starbuzz Bold Shisha

Queen of Sex – A bold name for a bold flavor. This has an intense citrus taste that will have your lips puckering and your mouth watering.

Tropicool – Fruit mixtures are always popular in the shisha world. Add in some mint and you’ve got a real crowd pleaser. Tropicool gives you a nice mix of pineapple and citrus flavors, topped off with a nice cool mint aftertaste that will leave you real chill.

White Mint – Mint on mint on mint with this mouth freezer. Intense peppermint and spearmint and any other kind of mint you can imagine, balanced out with a nice level of sweetness. This one will leave your mouth feeling fresher than the freshest.

Geisha – Let this shisha host and entertain you and your tastebuds. This is a beautiful mix of flavors, starting with peach. Throw in melon and other sweetness, then cap it off with a little refreshing mint kick and you’ll be leaving feeling mystified and satisfied.

Mighty Freeze – A simple idea for a flavor with some serious depth in taste. The tart taste of lemons cooled off with a minty finish. There’s also a subtle sweetness to it, almost like a lemon drop candy. This flavor will leave you puckered and ready for more.

Apple Doppio – It’s a classic as far as shisha flavors go. A bold taste of apple mixed with a subtle taste of licorice, it’s like downing a glass of apple juice with a shot of sambuca. Don’t let the anise flavor turn you away, there’s just enough of it to give you a hint but it’s by no means overpowering.


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