Square E-Head Electronic Hookah Bowl

Square E-Head Electronic Hookah Bowl

The Square E-Head Electronic Hookah Bowl is taking the electronic hookah scene to a whole new level, revolutionizing hookah smoking forever.

The Square E-head fits on top of almost all hookah pipes, working much like a traditional bowl. However, instead of using tobacco and charcoal, it vaporizes e-juice and e-liquid products, producing thick white clouds just like smoking a regular Hookah. It’s great and similar to a regular hookah in every way minus the fire and ash. That means no hot coals, no tobacco and no mess!

One of the great things about the e-head is that you can control the voltage, which is clearly displayed on the digital readout on the top. A quick cool side note is that the digital readout also shows how many puffs you’ve taken as well as how many seconds each draw you’ve taken lasts. The ability to control the voltage is great because, much like e-cigs or vaporizers, it will vary the amount of vapor you get. Anything from little wisps to giant thunderclouds. You can tailor it to whatever your moods suits at the time.

It’s ready to use right out of the box and is a quick and easy set-up. The E-Head can be used with Fantasia E-Liquid, Starbuzz E-Juice, and other E-Liquid brands available. The extra large tank holds over 1800 puffs. Included with the E-head:

  • 1 – Rechargeable Square E-Head Control Panel
  • 1 – Wall Charger
  • 2 – 8.0mL Tanks
  • 1 – User Manual

This product essentially turns your hookah into an e liquid vaporizer, which is pretty cool. It’s a great product in the fact that it basically replaces the bowl on your regular hookah pipe, so you can switch from smoking e liquid to regular tobacco whenever you feel like it. That’s great versatility! It comes in 3 colors: blue, black and red. I recommend this store to buy the Square E-head, they’re a well known, authorized dealer and they offer free shipping on orders over $95.

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E-head Electronic Hookah Bowl
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