Starbuzz E Hose Review

Starbuzz E Hose Review

The Starbuzz E Hose is billed as the only true electronic handheld hookah. It can be credited with the rise in popularity recently of electronic hookahs. Originally known for their unique tobacco flavors, they have taken their game to the next level with the E hose.

So first off this thing looks pretty good. It’s really sleek and comes in several different colors: red, black, blue, pink, and purple. A cool little feature is that the bottom lights up every time you take a hit. It’s quite sturdy and when you hold it in your hand you can definitely feel it. It’s clearly a more modern look so some purists might not dig it, but they’ve tried to keep it traditional looking as well. I’m sure they may have second thoughts once they take it for a spin.

As far as performance goes the E hose is about as good as they come for electronic hookahs or vaporizers. Obviously it’s quite a bit bigger than most pocket hookahs or portable vapes, but it’s still easily portable if you have a back pack or even a bigger purse or handbag. The smoke you get from it is really thick. I think there’s a tendency to expect less of a smoking experience from an electronic product but this definitely isn’t the case here. Most people seem to think that it’s very similar to smoking from a traditional hookah, you don’t get the flavor all at once it’s more gradual. And there’s quite a selection of flavors with the Starbuzz E hose cartridges. Each flavor cartridge should last you roughly 1500 puffs. You can fit two cartridges into it so you can mix and match flavors which is a great option. The battery life on this is exceptional. Depending on how much you’re using it you can easily get 2 days from a single charge.

There really isn’t anything negative to say, all in all this is an excellent product. It’s exactly what one would expect from an electronic hookah, it may even exceed expectations. I recommend this store to buy the Starbuzz E Hose, they are a registered dealer and ship internationally.

The accessories included are:

  • The E-Hose unit and battery
  • The Mouthpiece and top lid
  • An AC Adapter used to charge the Unit
  • Two complimentary Flavor Cartridges

Starbuzz E hose Close Up


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E hose
USD $159.99
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