Starbuzz E hose Cartridges

Starbuzz E hose Cartridges

The Starbuzz E hose has only been around a little while but it’s starting to really stand out as a great electronic hookah and an excellent alternative to to traditional hookah pipes. And one of the things that makes it so great are the selection of Starbuzz E hose cartridges available for it. Starbuzz has been long known for their cool and unique flavored tobacco. Now you can enjoy it in your E hose as well.

Each pack contains 4 cartridges, and the E hose holds 2 cartridges. You get roughly 1500 puffs per cartridge and since the E hose holds 2 you can mix and match flavors for all kinds of different smoking experiences. There are 14 flavors to choose from: Blue Mist, Apple Doppio, Code 69, Green Savior, Golden Grape, Irish Peach, Pink, Queen of Sex, Pirates Cave, Simply Mint, Simply Mango, Sex on the Beach, Sweet Melon and White Mint. You also have two choices with each pack, either zero nicotine or 1.5mg of nicotine. An excellent option for those who are trying to stay nicotine free.

With so many different flavors to choose from, and the ability to mix flavors, you can keep things interesting for quite a while. I recommend this store to buy the Starbuzz E hose cartridges, they are a registered dealer and ship internationally.


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E hose Cartridges
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